Flooded Rivanna

After a really heavy rain one evening the Rivanna river was flooding into the bottom lands.

More Snow

We received another heavy dose of snow this weekend. Thankfully this time no one was traveling — just snowed in.

Visit to Myers-Benner Homestead

Kristin, Lucy, and Caleb visited the Myers-Benner homestead near Harrisonburg to learn more about chickens, gardening, and living sustainably

Winter Photos

We had photos taken with local photographer Tina Taylor to document the beginning of our farming experience. Check out her other photos at

Snow storm #3

Huge snow storm - we lost power for two days and we still can't get our cars down the driveway.

Matt's Collection

Matt's hand-picked collection—definitive, really.


Assorted photos from March

Great Thaw (and Fence Issues)

Things are warming up around the farm. Also, we found a few weaknesses in the garden fence.

First Crop Out, First Crops In

Photos to accompany the blog post of the same title on 2010-03-23.

What am I?

We don't/didn't know what these things are/were. Please help us identify these things.

Work on Coop, etc.

Images of working on coop, coop almost finished, etc.

Chicken Arrival

Our chickens on their first day at the farm

Birthday Tulips

Our trip to the EcoTulips farm for Kristin's birthday

Moments with Lucy

Photos from a series of interactions with Lucy

New Chicken Situation

We've purchased three new chickens; they're getting to know their new surroundings, including Marcia, the large Red Star.

Fruits of Our Labor

A sampling of what's growing in the garden in late August.

Summer Photos

A few pictures taken by Tina Taylor in the summer of 2010.

Cheese Making

Photos taken during the evening we made mozzarella cheese.

September Garden Weekend

Saturday morning getting the garden ready for fall

Lucy's Birthday Shindig

Fun at "Old Farm Day" followed by tasty treats at Thomas Farm

Post-frost Garden

Some things survived the frost, others not

Matt's Favorites

My twenty favorite photos from year.


The journey of our first crop, broccoli, from seed to plant.

Spring Photos

Photos taken by Tina Taylor, April 2010. Check out her other work at