November 27, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Readers!

Matt and I left the farm for Thanksgiving and have been visiting our friend Kacey in Blacksburg. We had a non-traditional (not to be confused with un-American) vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner of Chili Con Tempeh, mashed potatoes, Brooklyn Brown Ale, and apple pie and ice cream. I guess considering the mashed potatoes and apple pie we only qualify as semi-traditional. We also had fresh French Walnut Bread that Kacey baked. I think that back at the farm the extended Thomas family enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey (not actually a farm turkey) and mincemeat pie with hard sauce! (more…)

Our chickens

November 15, 2010


I simply couldn’t resist.

First Frost

November 8, 2010


garlic shoot

Frost has not stopped all garden activity

It’s been about a week since our first major frost of autumn, marking the end of most, but not all, activity in the garden.  The frost was pretty late, I think, even for as far south as we are—so we counted ourselves lucky.



November 3, 2010


A motley crew: Whitney, Kristin, Caleb, Ben, Steven, John

Last weekend, Whitney’s parents, Ben and Elaine, visited from Idaho. Their time with us was replete with apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard, target practice in the woods, and a 10k for Whitney and Ben.

Ben and Elaine joined a long list of visitors we’ve had at the farm over the past 10 months. One of the benefits of the house at the farm is its ample space for guests. None of the four of us have recently lived in places that accommodated visitors from outside of town, so we knew that living at the Thomas Farm would provide opportunities for our friends and family to stop by and stay a while for a change. Therefore, it wouldn’t be particularly complete to reflect on our time here without commenting on our guests and how they’ve impacted our experience. (more…)