November 27, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Readers!

Matt and I left the farm for Thanksgiving and have been visiting our friend Kacey in Blacksburg. We had a non-traditional (not to be confused with un-American) vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner of Chili Con Tempeh, mashed potatoes, Brooklyn Brown Ale, and apple pie and ice cream. I guess considering the mashed potatoes and apple pie we only qualify as semi-traditional. We also had fresh French Walnut Bread that Kacey baked. I think that back at the farm the extended Thomas family enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey (not actually a farm turkey) and mincemeat pie with hard sauce!

In keeping with the theme of the season, I am very thankful that all four of our chickens are finally laying! That means we’ll have a lot of eggs that need eating in the next month so send us your egg recipes if you have any that you particularly like!

Since much of our farm drama this year has been chicken related it should come as no surprise that shortly before the last chicken started laying, we had another traumatic chicken episode. Last Sunday afternoon Caleb discovered that the top of the run had been removed from the coop and two of the chickens were missing. Our first fear was that a predator had pulled off the top and eaten the chickens. But it seemed odd since it was the middle of the day. So we started searching in the woods and Matt found one of the missing chickens (the Red Star) running around in the underbrush. You may remember that the Red Star was the sole survivor of the chicken attack in the middle of the summer so perhaps it is not surprising that she came through this adventure unscathed as well. At that point I had to leave for an orchestra concert so I wasn’t there to see Matt, Caleb and Lucy (strapped to Caleb’s chest in the front carrier) chase the remaining chicken around the garage and wood pile until they finally caught her. Now that we know some of the chickens are wishing for freedom, we’ll be a little more careful in attaching the top of the run so they can’t knock it off.

I hope you all had a happy holiday, full of delicious food. And if you want to mix things up next year you can try a new tradition – go around the table and have everyone say one thing they are not thankful for. It can be surprisingly therapeutic.


One item Whitney didn’t mention was the trail of feathers the Ameraucana left in her wake, merely adding to the suspense. Tracking her down was like investigating a crime scene. I think I’ve been watching too many dramas on TV.

Matt — November 27, 2010