Summer Pics

August 24, 2010


Tina Taylor‘s summer pics are back!  I picked out some of the best ones of Lucy and scenery (since Matt already covered all of the produce bases with his last photo post). There is also one picture of the new chickens.

Tina came on quite a busy day.  It was the same day as Lucy’s dedication at church, it was blazingly hot and Caleb’s family was in town visiting.  Some of these things are reflected in the pictures (perhaps most notably, Lucy’s exhaustion).  Check out the Summer 2010 album here.

Lessons from Production

August 22, 2010


In late July and early August, Whitney and I spent a fair bit of time and away from the farm traveling. Consequently, I had grown out of touch with the garden. This past weekend I was able to invest a sizable amount of time reconnecting with it. Our Needs Eatin’ week was so successful in large part because the garden has been producing. After weeks of suspense, our tomato and pepper plants have taken off. The green beans have been steady, and cucumbers are doing well, staving off the bugs that have devastated related plants. Those of us who can consume soy recently enjoyed a small harvest of edamame. (more…)

Needs Eatin’ Week

August 10, 2010


From 7 months of grocery shopping and being at the prime of farm produce season, we have a bounty of food that “needs eatin'” (as my grandmother would say). We decided that this week’s challenge would be to NOT grocery shop all week, and to only use what we had in our cupboards and what came out of our garden, from our CSA, or from a farmer’s market. To facilitate this process, this evening we set out all of the edible food we have in our house and divvied it up auction style.  (more…)