December 14, 2010


heritage-variety tom turkey

This turkey is grateful he didn't wind up on someone's Thanksgiving plate

I was reminded after Thanksgiving that I don’t think about and express gratitude often enough. Going around the table at supper and saying what you’re grateful for may be the traditional thing to do on Thanksgiving, but for me it’s distinctly an untraditional activity within the scope a whole year. (more…)

Favored Photos: Matt’s Top 20

December 10, 2010


I scanned through my photos from this year at the farm, and gathered up my top 20. Originally, my plan was to pick the top 10, but I failed miserably.

I chose these images, not just based on aesthetic appeal, but also because they capture some fine moments, and important events that marked the year (e.g., snowstorms).

Browse the photos at your leisure!