Egg Wagers

September 30, 2010


Any day now we’re expecting one of our three younger chickens to start laying eggs. This past weekend we gathered some bets on when this might be. Feel free to add yours in the comments (some have already lost, myself included).

  • Sept. 26: Matt
  • Sept. 27: Brian
  • Sept. 30: Marilu
  • Oct. 1: Kristin
  • Oct. 3: Whitney
  • Oct. 10: Caleb

Dude, Where’s My Rain?


Matt in the garden wondering 'dude, where's my rain?'

I just finished my third summer in Virginia, and I can safely say that this was by far the hottest of the three. Even more of an issue for our garden, it was also extremely dry.

How dry? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration*, from June 1 to September 23, Charlottesville (10 miles from the farm) received 6.17 inches of rainfall…total. On average, it receives about 17 inches during roughly the same time period. Contrast this with the several feet of snow we received from December to February.

The dry summer has yielded brown, crunchy grass, and young trees showing signs of stress (just like grad students). (more…)

Last Summer Weekend

September 18, 2010


We’re in the middle of an exciting (almost fall) weekend at the farm – I’ve especially enjoyed it because Matt and I have not been at the farm in the last few weekends so it’s been good to reconnect.

Results of Needs Eatin’ Challenge

September 13, 2010


I think our Needs Eatin’/Iron Chef Challenge a few weeks ago was a success.  Here are the results:

The Sancken team ended up making 3 meals – a Spicy Korean Chicken with a cucumber salad, Curried Chicken with Apple over rice with a carrot walnut salad, and a Bolognese Ragu over rice.  Notice how a lot of things were over rice instead of noodles?  That’s because we had plenty of rice.

Matt and Whitney also made 3 meals – bacon corn chowder with baked potatoes, ratatouille with coconut rice and cantaloupe for dessert, and fried rice with a cucumber-tomato salad.  All of their recipes were from a fabulous Mennonite cookbook called Simply in Season.

Vote and let us know who you think won based on use of their ingredients, creativity and how delicious/edible the recipes sound.  The winning team will win … the other team cleaning their bathroom!  Just kidding, I made that up.  That’s what I wish we would win because I hate cleaning our bathroom.

Lucy’s Harvest

September 11, 2010


Lucy helps us pick some cherry tomatoes, carrots and peppers from the garden this week. The cherry tomatoes were fun to squish and put in your mouth.

Bad News and Good News

September 5, 2010


The bad news is that farms are closing.  I found out recently that my former—as of a couple of weeks ago—employer, Roundabout Farm, is shutting down at the end of this season.  I was only contracted to work to the end of August, so me being laid off is unrelated to Roundabout going out of business; I’m currently looking into a promising, short-duration engineering job.  (more…)