First Frost

November 8, 2010


garlic shoot

Frost has not stopped all garden activity

It’s been about a week since our first major frost of autumn, marking the end of most, but not all, activity in the garden.  The frost was pretty late, I think, even for as far south as we are—so we counted ourselves lucky.


Dude, Where’s My Rain?

September 30, 2010


Matt in the garden wondering 'dude, where's my rain?'

I just finished my third summer in Virginia, and I can safely say that this was by far the hottest of the three. Even more of an issue for our garden, it was also extremely dry.

How dry? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration*, from June 1 to September 23, Charlottesville (10 miles from the farm) received 6.17 inches of rainfall…total. On average, it receives about 17 inches during roughly the same time period. Contrast this with the several feet of snow we received from December to February.

The dry summer has yielded brown, crunchy grass, and young trees showing signs of stress (just like grad students). (more…)

More Snow

January 31, 2010


Snow-covered driveway

The driveway

Flooding last week, snow this weekend. I get the feeling that we’ve had enough precipitation this winter. While we only received about a foot of snow (compared to the ~2.5′ before Christmas), it was enough to keep us holed up for a day. Fret not, I imagine the stuff will be gone by next weekend. I captured a few images and posted them for your viewing pleasure.

Rivanna Flooding

January 25, 2010


Rivanna flooding

This morning we woke up to a bit of a mess at the bottom of the hill. After the Christmas week snow melted and we received quite a bit of rain over the last few days and the ground is saturated. (Unfortunately the moisture is making it difficult for us to take soil samples of candidate planting grounds!) An overnight storm was more than the Rivanna River could handle and it flooded into the bottom lands on the the farm.

I had a chance to take a few photos of the running water for our first blog photo album. Enjoy!