Snowed in!

February 8, 2010


We just had the third (?) major snow storm since we’ve all been at the farm. I missed the first one because I was stuck in the airport and then on a train in DC. This one I enjoyed at the farm with everyone else. This storm was so bad that we lost power and the phone didn’t work for two days, in addition to the usual not being able to drive down the driveway.

At the farm not having power not only means no heat and no refrigeration, but also no water because the farm has its own pump system for water. Happily the farm has a generator so we were able to occasionally heat the house, flush toilets and move food from outdoors (where we were trying to keep it cold) to the refrigerator. There wasn’t enough gas to run it for very long, but it helped a lot.

We all had a sleep over in the office in order to try to keep each other warm  and Matt kept a fire going in the furnace to help with the temperature. The snow and ice on the trees outside were really beautiful.

Matt has had an especially hard time because he was supposed to fly out for a conference on Sunday but wasn’t able to make it out. This is probably for the best because there’s more snow coming tomorrow and Wednesday.

We hope Ben Hampton and Angie Fritz have good luck making it to the farm this week. If the power goes out again they can help chop wood!


That’s a crazy amount of snow.
The storms just keep coming.
Glad to see you guys are doing well.

Eric Lipari — March 2, 2010