Frequently Asked Questions

April 28, 2010


Recently we wrote an e-mail to the honor’s college at our alma mater, Valparaiso University, regarding our experience this year and trying to entice them to write an article in the alumni magazine about us.  What we got in response were a series of inquisitive questions from Kristin Nygaard, the so very nice and helpful administrative assistant.  Her questions are valid, so we decided to answer them here.


Plant Gantt

April 22, 2010


Thumbnail of calendar with plantsI’ve posted our planting schedule for your viewing pleasure.  The schedule will give you an idea of what our agricultural trajectory is for the rest of the growing season.  Please comment on any potential problems you see with the schedule—even if the damage is already done.

It turns out that nature and we don’t follow our schedule very well.  (more…)

Follow us on…

April 20, 2010


The Thomas Farm Project has an official Twitter feed. You can message and follow us via @chickenfeed. I anticipate that we will gather quite a following (look out, Conan O’Brien and Justin Bieber).

A little note about the account name: I was hoping to use the name thomasfarmproject, but it was too long and the Twitter didn’t allow it. Instead, I went with Caleb’s suggestion, chickenfeed. He’s quite clever, that Caleb.

Now that we have a feed, we can microblog about all of the inane things we’re doing — comment on the weather, report on the chickens, and tell you when we weed the garden. Exciting stuff!

Maybe soon you’ll be able to friend us on…


Our Four Little Friends

April 15, 2010


Our Four Chickens

Our four chickens in their coop

We’ve been talking about this for over a year now, and this past Sunday it finally happened: we procured chickens. Four chickens, to be exact. Caleb and Kristin made the trip out to Eden Farms and brought home four little birds. Caleb was looking for some variety (and suffered from a bit of indecision), so each chicken is a different variety (Barred Rock. Rhode Island Red, Red Star, and Black Star).



April 8, 2010


Thanks to Caleb for posting some pictures of the coop in progress – especially of note are his paparazzi style photos of me and Dudley’s hat.

Dad, look! I’m using power tools!

Lots of planting and sun


After a lot of rain last week that delayed some of our planting, we’ve basically had summer weather this week – 70s and 80s! Outdoors we planted a lot of onions, our first round of peas, our second round of spinach, as well as horseradish, rhubarb, and some potatoes. We had some drama with the peas because we intended to only plant bush peas to avoid having to deal with trellising but we accidentally ended up with both kinds. So if anyone (especially my mom) can tell us an easy/quick way to build a trellis that would be really helpful! (more…)

Lena, legendary feline explorer

April 1, 2010


Day 667 of my journey …

The tall one with the food

The tall one with the food

The humans dangle bizarre little objects in front of me, which I find irresistibly appealing.   In addition, there seems to be a cold, invisible force field between moths and myself.  I can see moths dancing, I follow them, and just as I am about to pounce I hit the force field.  Bizarrely, it seems to only exist at night.  I must investigate this further.

Day 668 of my journey …

After the big sun goes down and the humans turn on their mini-suns, the tall one with the clear-eyes-covers makes a high pitched call from down below.  I can only assume this degrading noise is directed at me, because I can then hear him pouring my food.  (more…)