Plant Gantt

April 22, 2010


Thumbnail of calendar with plantsI’ve posted our planting schedule for your viewing pleasure.  The schedule will give you an idea of what our agricultural trajectory is for the rest of the growing season.  Please comment on any potential problems you see with the schedule—even if the damage is already done.

It turns out that nature and we don’t follow our schedule very well.  We usually plant the weekend after the scheduled date.  In addition to the scheduled items, we recently planted Texas onions received from Grandpa Sancken.  Also, Kristin’s Aunt Carolyn brought lettuce transplants, conveniently replacing some of our own sickly transplants; the cool temperatures and fluorescent lights in the basement don’t seem to encourage vigorous growth.  We wound up planting more lettuce outside instead of inside, since the risk of frost seems low.  Carolyn brought some herbs as well.  We are currently enjoying fresh asparagus and herbs, items which we didn’t put on our schedule.

Although it might be frustrating sometimes to have almost nothing quite match our schedule, it’s also a great relief to know that, for the most part, we do not manage nature’s schedule; we plant, water, weed, etc. and then just sit back and enjoy the crops with which we’re blessed.


I’m currently listing plants that I’d like to grow on my deck. I received the book Grow Great Grub in the mail today… I think your wife might have bought it for me but I’m not sure – it didn’t have an invoice in it. Anyways, I read it cover to cover in one sitting and I’m already making plans.

Angela Fritz — April 23, 2010