Egg Wagers

September 30, 2010


Any day now we’re expecting one of our three younger chickens to start laying eggs. This past weekend we gathered some bets on when this might be. Feel free to add yours in the comments (some have already lost, myself included).

  • Sept. 26: Matt
  • Sept. 27: Brian
  • Sept. 30: Marilu
  • Oct. 1: Kristin
  • Oct. 3: Whitney
  • Oct. 10: Caleb


I lost today. Boo on you chickens!

Kristin Thomas Sancken — October 1, 2010

Oct. 15

Lynne (Mom) — October 5, 2010

It may be helpful for folks to know that we don’t expect the three young ones to lay until around the third week of this month, but it’s fun to be a little optimistic in a case like this.

Caleb — October 6, 2010