Last Summer Weekend

September 18, 2010


We’re in the middle of an exciting (almost fall) weekend at the farm – I’ve especially enjoyed it because Matt and I have not been at the farm in the last few weekends so it’s been good to reconnect.

Last night we made mozzarella cheese! We used the recipe in ‘Animal Vegetable Miracle’ by Barbara Kingsolver and it was not that difficult. You just need whole milk, citric acid, rennet and about 30 minutes. Actually what took us the most time was trying to find a thermometer to use to determine when the milk reached 55 and 88 degrees for adding the other ingredients. After we failed to find a suitable thermometer we ended up using Caleb’s temperature evaluating skills that somehow involved him touching tap water and then the heating milk. I’m not sure how he did it, but the cheese turned out really well. I’m hoping this weekend we’ll have a nice mozzarella, tomato and basil salad (our tomatoes and basil are still producing nicely).

The weather has finally been cooling down and we had a really nice morning in the garden today. We’re still planting a few cool weather things (Caleb convinced us to plant chard) and harvesting some produce as well (here you can see Lucy helping with the tomatoes) but the garden is definitely winding down. Caleb has done a great job in clearing out the garden this week of plants that are not producing any more as well as the weeds that had started to take over. Today we continued the process of preparing for winter and have filled in the garden paths with hay.

Finally, in chicken news, we let our ameraucana out of her ‘summer home’ today so she could mingle with the other chickens. We had to isolate her previously because she was a victim of chicken bullying. So far the results of the reintegration are uncertain, but we’re hopeful that they will all be friends (or at least just ignore each other).


I’ve been meaning to try the same recipe! Glad you were successful.

Angie — September 18, 2010

that is so cool! I’ve been wanting to try something similar; I’m inspired! let me know how the caprese turns out!

Angela Carlson Antony — September 19, 2010

Caleb, Kristen and Lucy – welcome to Fluvanna county. Your project sounds wonderful — just wish I was 30 years younger and I’d join you!

I’m writing to invite you to worship with us at Grace and Glory Lutheran Church – we’re the only Lutheran church in the county. Currently we worship at the Fluvanna middle school on Rt.15, with Sunday school and adult education at 9:15 and worship beginning at 10:15. If you’ve ever traveled on Rt.53, you would have seen our site which is about 1/4 mile from the Rt.15 intersection – we hope to break ground sometime early next year, God willing.

Please consider joining us. It would be wonderful to welcome you. Yours in Christ, Carol Parsons

Carol Parsons — October 14, 2010