Results of Needs Eatin’ Challenge

September 13, 2010


I think our Needs Eatin’/Iron Chef Challenge a few weeks ago was a success.  Here are the results:

The Sancken team ended up making 3 meals – a Spicy Korean Chicken with a cucumber salad, Curried Chicken with Apple over rice with a carrot walnut salad, and a Bolognese Ragu over rice.  Notice how a lot of things were over rice instead of noodles?  That’s because we had plenty of rice.

Matt and Whitney also made 3 meals – bacon corn chowder with baked potatoes, ratatouille with coconut rice and cantaloupe for dessert, and fried rice with a cucumber-tomato salad.  All of their recipes were from a fabulous Mennonite cookbook called Simply in Season.

Vote and let us know who you think won based on use of their ingredients, creativity and how delicious/edible the recipes sound.  The winning team will win … the other team cleaning their bathroom!  Just kidding, I made that up.  That’s what I wish we would win because I hate cleaning our bathroom.