Broccoli Planting Soon

February 15, 2010


There’s not a whole lot to report. In truth, we’re still recovering a bit from last weekend’s atmospheric drama.

We’re getting very close to planting our first crop — broccoli. Whitney and I purchased planters, vermiculite, and potting soil at Fifth Season in Charlottesville. Caleb has gone through much effort, combing various sources to average out the “optimum” time for planting our seeds. Of course, the ground is still covered with snow. These seeds are to be planted in the basement.

We’ve been graced by a few visitors over the past week. Temporarily grounded by the east coast snow storm, CNN weather producer, Angie Fritz and community planner in the making, Ben Hampton (featured here as a source for a CNN story about the recent DC storm), made their way out to central Va to visit. Whitney’s sister and brother-in-law, Darcy and John McGrath also are making their way down from Philadelphia. We hope we’ll have numerous visitors throughout the year to share in our agricultural experiment.