Unidentified Farming Objects

March 24, 2010


Caleb with farm implementI’ve just created a photo album of objects of which we don’t know the name or purpose.  The images are mostly of plants and farm implements right now.  Please help if you can!


The yellow bush is a forsythia. I’m really enjoying the blog!

Sonya — March 24, 2010

Image 1 – Thrasher
Image 2 – hay rake (Though I have never figured out how these type work exactly)
Image 3 – Cultivator
Image 4 – Seeder (possibly a drill)
Image 5 – Planter
Image 6 – Potato digger (though I may be wrong, I can’t see enough of the machine)
Image 7 – interesting
Image 8 – Road maintainer (grader)
Image 9 – Manure spreader
Image 10- Hay rake
Image 12 – not sure, might be in the morning glory family

Hope this helps.

Chris — March 24, 2010

Pretty sure the first one is a thresher… I’ve never see one like that, but I don’t know what else it could be. I agree with Andrea on the others except 6, b/c there no place to catch seed and there isn’t a reason to ride a thresher… world’s oldest combine? 🙂

Sylvia — March 24, 2010

Wow! That’s quite the farming museum you’ve got there! Chad says that #2 is a hay rake, #4 & 5 are seeders, #6 is a thresher, and #8 is a plow.

Andrea — March 24, 2010

Hi – #1 looks like some kind of thresher, #2 like a horse-drawn harrow (kind of cultivator), #6 looks like a stone-picker, #8 a grader (for leveling roads or lanes), # 9 is a manure spreader and # 10 a rake – those are my best guesses.

Steve — March 24, 2010

I’m pretty sure #2 is some type of harrow. It looks like the one on my grandfather’s ranch. And #12 might be myrtle.

Carla — March 24, 2010

#12 is myrtle! Caleb might remember that we had some in a bed near the back porch in the house where we grew up. (Or knowing Caleb he probably does not remember this… and knowing our family it is probably no longer growing there…)

Joni — March 24, 2010

I posted with each picture the name of each object. There’s a bit of disagreement on a few.

Just to be clear: None of the farm implements in the album are on Thomas Farm but the plants are. Sorry if anyone was confused!

Caleb — March 24, 2010

I am pretty sure i saw that first one in a movie called chitty chitty bang bang. Crazy that it’s on your farm!!

Kathleen Kidwell — March 24, 2010