Lena, legendary feline explorer

April 1, 2010


Day 667 of my journey …

The tall one with the food

The tall one with the food

The humans dangle bizarre little objects in front of me, which I find irresistibly appealing.   In addition, there seems to be a cold, invisible force field between moths and myself.  I can see moths dancing, I follow them, and just as I am about to pounce I hit the force field.  Bizarrely, it seems to only exist at night.  I must investigate this further.

Day 668 of my journey …

After the big sun goes down and the humans turn on their mini-suns, the tall one with the clear-eyes-covers makes a high pitched call from down below.  I can only assume this degrading noise is directed at me, because I can then hear him pouring my food.  I hate going down below, because the tall one usually tries to close me down there by myself.  I try to eat my food as quickly as I can, and then run back up before the tall one can close the wall.  But the tall one is fast, and he distracts me with a sensuous and irresistible treat.  I hate the down below.  There are spiders and cobwebs everywhere.  Don’t get me wrong; I love spiders.  I enjoy a little extra protein in my diet; but cobwebs, no.  They get stuck on my whiskers, and no amount of licking or face rubbing will remove them.

Day 669 of my journey …

Every evening the humans sit around watching various glowing boxes that bear some resemblance to the invisible force field.  Sometimes they all watch the same big box, and other times they each have their own boxes.  When the humans leave their individual boxes, I investigate and am quite pleased to find that they are warm and purrrrrrrrrrr …

Day 670 of my journey …

The humans seem to find it amusing when the small one about my size grabs me and puts my fur in its mouth.  I’m not entirely convinced that this smallest one is indeed a human.  It has many feline characteristics such as making a high-pitched noise that sounds like ‘meows’, walking on four legs, sleeping a lot, scratching furniture, and a perceived impatience with being held.  We also share a soft throne that makes noises and is attached to over-sized, plush creatures.

Day 671 of my journey …

Today the tall one permitted me go into the wide expanse beyond the force field.  My paws are not accustomed to the wide expanse.  I found it quite uncomfortable.  However, I was able to spend much time out there, away from the watchful eyes of the humans.  I found it to be a most violent place.  I developed blisters on my paws and thorns, which I successfully removed with my teeth once I was safely behind the force field again. I will continue to gather more knowledge from the wide expanse as it seems the humans are spending more time out there now, but now I must go, I hear the tall one pouring my food into the bowl.


haha, I like how you gave Lena a post! Yeah, I’ve wondered what other animals think of us:)

Reuben Sancken — April 1, 2010

This post is in honor of April fool’s day … err … I mean … meow meow meow meow

lena — April 1, 2010

Lena is surprisingly verbose! Me-ow!

Joni and Steve — April 1, 2010

Perhaps Lena’s articulate verbosity and intellectual prowess should be harnessed. I think she should ghost-write Caleb’s thesis!

Joni — April 1, 2010

Callie totally sympathized with Lena and was amazed at what goes on INSIDE the force field. She says, “Rowhrrr, mrrowww”

and we send our greetings from warm Atlanta.

Mom — April 2, 2010