CSA shares and farming zen

May 7, 2010


Now that we’re well into spring we’ve started receiving shares from our CSA, Layz S Ranch. This is the same CSA Matt and I joined last year. This year we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to grow enough for all of us in our garden so we decided to supplement our harvests with a small share from the CSA. As an extra bonus Layz S Ranch has a greenhouse which means we’re eating some things earlier than we can produce them in our own garden. They also grow some things that we aren’t (strawberries!). (Actually we are trying to grow a few strawberry plants but you usually don’t get fruit until the second year.)

We’ve also been able to do a little bit of harvesting of our own. For a few weeks we’ve been eating simple green salads straight from our garden. Each salad feels like a mini-success.

We continue to plant a handful of things each weekend – new things last week were green beans and cucumbers. Our broccoli transplants look pretty healthy and the potatoes and onions are looking very strong. I’m amused by my own emotional investment in the survival of these little plants. Some of them (a few leaf lettuce transplants) die despite our efforts to save them. Others (potatoes, onions) thrive without almost any attention. I think I lack a sufficiently zen-like quality to make me a good farmer. Plus I want our chickens to like me. I’m pretty sure no good farmer would say something crazy like that.

In other amusing chicken news, Caleb refuses to use the names we selected for the chickens. He persists in calling them by their breeds. I wonder what he would do if we had gotten two of the same breed…