Remember the Thomas Farm Coop!

June 16, 2010


Thomas Farm Project Nation, we have a problem! Starting last week (as noted by this tweet), our chicken coop has been under attack from an unknown assailant. Over the course of almost every evening, our little nemesis has pushed and pulled at the plastic panels that protect our egg-bearing, feathery friends. Fortunately, Caleb, coop architect extraordinaire, built a coop floor of wire mesh about 8 inches above the ground. Currently, this is the only defense between our chickens and the beastly offensives under moonlight.

Nation, we need your help. So far we’ve been able to protect the flock by re-stapling and screwing the plastic paneling to the coop frame, but that strategy won’t last much longer. We’re considering all alternatives: live-trapping (but where to drop off?), not-so-friendly fire, barbed wire, deer netting, a motion detecting talking fish named Bill, and attack drones.

Obviously, we could use some of your collective input. Does anyone have any good ideas about how we can protect the chickens without breaking the bank? They are just four backyard chickens, after all.


ps — in other news, we’re starting to harvest the broccoli, green beans, and occasionally green onions. The lettuce has slowed down (because of the heat?) and all of our spinach has bolted, so we pulled it out to make room for more carrots and beans. Whitney is particularly pleased about the sweet corn. It’s easily going to make “knee-high by the 4th of July”, as they say in Minnesota. Though, this is not Minnesota.


A farm dog would do the trick. One could tether the dog near the coop and he or she could bark the varmints away. If not a dog, then my father-in-law. He is an expert varmint killer although I do not always approve of his methods.

Joni Sancken — June 17, 2010

Whatever it is, it should take the form of a Rube Goldberg machine.

Sorry I don’t have any real advice.

AJ — June 19, 2010

We ended up using extra chicken wire, heartier staples, and a bit of duct tape. So far, things are good. (We even have some forensic evidence — our attackers fur stuck to some of the tape!)

Matt — June 21, 2010