First Crop Out, First Crops in

March 23, 2010


garlic chivesThis weekend we took advantage of the fine weather, which began in the middle of last week with the arrival of Carl “Bringer of Spring” Bear,  to get some work done. To make room in the beds, we divided and potted some garlic chive plants. Garlic chive plants prolifically reseed if their flowers aren’t chopped off, so they had gotten a little out of hand. We spread some of our garlic chive wealth at church the next day, selling some plants for an average of $0.83 a piece. We probably could have made more if Kristin was doing the selling rather than me. I’d much rather grow the crops than market them. Luckily, Kristin would rather market than tend to the crops. (more…)

Marmota monax

March 15, 2010


One of many holes in the garden fence

Over the past two weeks we have been experiencing a Great Thaw. I hate to stir up jealousy in my family from Minnesota, but we’ve been seeing temperatures consistently in the mid-fifties with a couple days up to seventy. Needless to say, the snow is gone, and we’re turning our attention to the garden space.

Returning to the garden means returning to the challenges of the garden. Early last fall, our number one concern with was the groundhog (Marmota monax). (more…)