Broccoli Sprouts! Chickens! Soil Samples!

February 28, 2010


a small broccoli sproutOur broccoli sprouted this week, and we transplanted it from the vermiculite to potting soil. Here are some pictures.  We’re excited to see our first crop go from seed to sprout!  Next step – transplanting it to the ground once it thaws!

Also, today we went and visited Wendy & Jerry Custer, a family in our county that breeds chickens, to get an idea of how many chickens we want and what breeds.  We’re interested in getting at least 4 chickens.  Our top choices are (more…)

Seed Order

February 21, 2010


a collection of maize seedsToday we ordered some seeds.  I continued to be disappointed with Gardening for Dummies during the process because it had information that was in direct contradiction to information in the seed catalogs.  I can now add “has wrong information” to my list of why I don’t like the book, a list that currently includes “too long” and “poorly organized.” Organic Gardening for Dummies, Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Farming, The Guide to Virginia Vegetable Gardening, and All-New Square Foot Gardening have been helpful in garden planning.  We attempted order as many seeds as possible from Seed Savers Exchange, including [format is “plant – variety (catalog number)”]