Reduce. REUSE. Recycle.

March 27, 2010


Whitney feeding chickens

Whitney feeding chickens

Today the five of us went on a tour of another “farm”, owned by two viola friends of Whitney’s named Molly and Linda.  One of our goals this year is to visit at least 5 farming families, to get ideas and both provide and receive encouragement.  This is the third family we’ve visited.  The first visit was to the Myers-Benners, distant relatives of Caleb’s, and the second was to Wendy and Jerry Custer, our chicken contact.  (As an aside, if you know of any other farming families in the central Virginia area that we could visit, let us know! We’ll bring a yummy dessert!)

A common thread through out each of these families is their ingenuity and ability to re-purpose all sorts of things! (more…)