Spring Photos

May 7, 2010


Tina Taylor took a great series of spring photos a few weeks ago.  We’re still uploading some of her photos, but you can see the majority of them here.   We’re sorry to lose her back to North Carolina, but we’re excited to see her up here again in July and October.  We also got to meet her funny, beautiful and precocious daughter, Ansleigh.  What a delight! Finally, we used some of her photos to update a few other albums including Moments with Lucy and Broccoli.  Check them out!


Wow, you all are so photogenic especially miss Lucy! I hope she is able to remember some of this adventure. Would one of you shoot me an e mail from your personal e mail address? Got some specific questions on your sweet corn production and I don’t really want to bore the general public with “corn talk” Thanks

Warren Sancken — May 10, 2010